Are All Credit Card Machines Equal?

Are All Credit Card Machines Equal? The Easy answer to this question is quite simply, no.


Are You Open to New Equipment?

If you want to preserve your countertop terminal or POS system, here are our suggestions:

-Determine whether your terminal is locked or reprogrammable.

Credit card processors work with different credit card terminals and POS systems. Some systems are reprogrammable, which means they may be used by any firm, while others are proprietary, which means they can only be used by one or two processors.

Verifone and Ingenico devices are examples of reprogrammable credit card machines. Square terminals and PayPal readers are two popular locked or proprietary type of equipment. The FD line of countertop terminals from First Data is an example of a selective reprogrammable machine.


Selecting Credit Card Terminals

An important element of the puzzle is deciding whether to use a credit card machine or a point-of-sale system. Choosing the correct equipment is critical for business owners who are new to accepting credit cards (or who want to replace their current systems).

Follow these steps to choose your equipment once you’ve decided on a system or have narrowed down your options to a few:


-Make a list of the features you must have, the characteristics you want, and the features you don’t require.


-Inquire with the processors about the machines they propose or support.


-Look into those machines. You can also reach out to us with your questions, we’re happy to help the best we can! Email us at .


-Schedule demos with your best picks depending on your study.


-Purchase your system. It’s not required that you buy it through your processor, but it’s a good idea. Make sure to check out our article on if leasing is best for you!


-Whether you decide to buy elsewhere, make sure to check with the processors to see if they can program the model you’re buying.