Hello… A Little About Us!

Who is LowerCardRates.com


LowerCardRates.com, or LCR for short was created with one central goal in mind, be the ultimate consultative partner for business owners and help grow their revenues. Quite simple in theory, but not simple in execution. We strive to first and foremost help a business owner navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of credit card processing but also expand the relationship with quality referrals to our carefully vetted partners in all different areas of business necessary to run and grow a business.


LCR wasn’t born out of an idea with no action behind it, but rather with a decade of experience in the business marketplace. What started as assisting tens of business owners a month, lead to thousands of businesses a year. It all started with payment processing, credit card terminals & point of sale devices and that quickly expanded into revenue generating product like loyalty, memberships, expansion loans and marketing tools. We at LCR have the experience to assist you in organizing your business and ultimately growing your revenues.


We are here to serve you! We know that in your daily like you are wearing many different hats as an entrepreneur. Our passion comes from wanting to help change the statistic of business that fail within the first 5 years. We feel that number comes from in many cases not having access to the right tools or partners. That is where we come in!


Let us help you connect with first in class business tools, such as HR management & tax software, revenue expansion tools such loyal and membership platforms, unique and quick lending options (including SBA loans!), and finally cost savings in multiple areas like credit card processing, payroll and much more!


Let’s set up a time to talk about your business and how we can help you expand! Feel free to email us any time at info@lowercardrates.com to set up a consultative chat.